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Cube AI uses AI algorithms and biometric data to deliver deep insights into viewers’ levels of attention and emotions. We then combine these results with traditional respondent-level data, delivering insights that drive your ad’s impact.

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  • Leverage Biometric Data

  • Gain AI-powered Insights

  • Measure true ad impact

Emotions drive results

Welcome to your new advertising effectiveness measurement solution.

By combining traditional methods, biometric data (facial emotions, eye movements, and attention levels), and artificial intelligence analysis, you can better understand the impact of your advertisements on the true intentions of your target audience. 

Pinpoint attention-grabbing scenes, emotional impact, engagement hotspots, areas for improvement, top-performing elements, competitive performance, and A/B testing results to optimize your ad campaigns.

Cube AI uses Leger Opinion’s (LEO) high quality panel, data collection services, trusted by over 500 clients across North America. We ensure the highest standards in respondent recruitment, whether using LEO or global panel partners.


Webinar Replay: Five Key Learnings From Biometrics to Help Create More Effective Advertising


Watch our webinar to unlock the secrets to advertising optimization such as:

  • Moment x Moment

  • The Importance of the Attention Metric

  • Call to Action and Branding

  • Biometrics and Norms

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Cube AI technology is used by leading global innovators such as

What's Your Ad Impact Score? 

Leger combines the best of both worlds – biometrics and survey data – to create an overall ad impact index score that can be used to benchmark against other ads.

Overall Ad Rating




Ad Index Score

Why is setting norms important?

Every day, consumers encounter around 10,000 ads. Standing out is not just important—it’s essential.

By establishing norms, we create baselines and industry averages to measure how your ads impact your audience.

This ensures your advertisements not only capture attention but also evoke stronger emotional responses than your competitors.

Cube Al uses biometric data from viewers’ eye and facial movements and pairs these results with traditional respondent-level data and Leger’s well-established panel norms.

Our team of research experts will develop custom norms that can be applied to your advertising strategy. Request a demo today.

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What does testing with Cube AI measure?

Facial Emotion



survey (1).png

Through consumers' webcams, CubeAI captures facial micro-expressions and emotions as they occur

Webcams allow us to capture users' eye movements to understand where they are looking at any given time

CubeAI includes questionnaires and surveys that help you capture consumers' perceptions of your product

White Paper

How Does Cube AI Work?

Gain an in-depth understanding of Cube AI, including how it works, case studies, and key learnings that you can apply to your advertising strategy. 

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See the powerful results yourself

Our team of experts will share the process and success stories to get you started.

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