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Emotion Eye Tracking Survey 

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CubeGO turns consumers' desktops and mobile phones into research labs.

Remote tests with CubeGO are a unique opportunity to quickly improve your products in impactful ways.

CubeGO Insights

Combining measures leads to greater accuracy

Eye Tracking

CubeGO utilizes users' own webcams and mobile phone cameras to capture eye gaze in the wild. 

Emotion Detection

Watching  consumers' faces gives hidden clues

into how they are experiencing your product. Through webcam and mobile cameras, CubeGO captures facial emotions such as happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, and anger.


Recording consumers' voices as they use your product offers insights into their immediate and candid reactions.


CubeGO includes questionnaires and surveys that help you gain further insights into consumers' perception and evaluation of your product.

How it works

Design your own tests

Create tests tailored to your needs to gain insights into:

  • User Experience

  • Advertising


Cube is the commercial partner of the Tech3 Innovation Lab at University HEC Montreal. For the last seven years, Tech3 has been a global leader whose research has led to innovative advances in the field computer-human interactions. 
More about the Tech3 Lab:
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