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What can CubeHX do for you?

CubeHX is a completely customizable service that provides you with quality consulting and the opportunity to open your own user testing lab.

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Effective in-lab user tests that are adapted to your needs

How does it work?
Persona Research
We conduct thorough research to better understand your customer and draw fitting user profiles.
Through this process, we are able to empathize with your target customer and gain a deep and insightful understanding of their needs and their attitudes. 
Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your product's current and intended experience.
User Journey Maps
Our highly detailed user journey maps combine business objectives, persona information and competitive analysis to extricate improvement and innovation opportunities.
Rapid Prototyping
& Validation
Throughout the process, our team generates sets of high- and low-fidelity prototypes to validate your product's design.

In-lab User Testing



Cube captures variations in pupil size to determine cognitive effort.


Skin Conductance

Through the use of sensors on the skin, Cube captures variations in skin conductance to determine emotional intensity.

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Facial Emotion

Cube captures users' facial expressions as they occur and identifies emotions such as anger, fear, surprise, disgust, and happiness.



Cube captures users' fixations and maps them onto what they are looking in order to measure attention.

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Cube combines survey data to enrich the neuropsychological insights with users' own perception of their experience.



Observant interviews with users provide rich insights into users' subjective experiences and opinions.

Cube' patent synchronizes neurological responses by identifying an individual's unique response through latency and duration detection

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CubeHX Patented Technology

Physiological reactions do not occur in unison. Accounting for latency and duration allows for the most accurate understanding of the human non-conscious reaction. 

Want to use our patented technology with your current UX lab setup?

CubeHX works with most Noldus UX lab setups. Contact your Noldus sales representative for more information.

Heart Rate
Galvanic Skin
Facial Emotion
Eye Tracking

CubeHX Insights


Emotional Heatmaps

Companies that optimize for emotional response see, on average, an 85% greater increase in sales growth than companies who do not.

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