The Science of Connecting

If you knew more about how consumers experience your brand, would you be able to make better connections?

CubeHX uses proprietary technology to analyze consumer emotions so you can create the highest performing campaigns and web journeys on the market.

The strongest relationships are built through meaningful connections.

Cube provides the insights for building these connections with your customers.



Consumers' emotions lead their decision making processes. Creating an optimal emotional response is integral to building a longterm relationship with your customers. Cube's engagement score identifies how effective your moments with the audience actually are.

The Cube Engagement Score

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If you knew more about how your customers felt...

What could you achieve?

Create effective ad campaigns

Increase your 

brand recognition

Boost conversion rates

Our insights can predict BEHAVIOUR 

Positive emotions affect purchase intentions.

The way a product is presented has a sizeable impact on individual decisions.

Cube is the commercial partner of the Tech3 Innovation Lab at University HEC Montreal. For the last seven years, Tech3 has been a global leader whose research has led to innovative advances in the field computer-human interactions. 
More about the Tech3 Lab:
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