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Better Data.

Better Experiences.

Cube   combines physiological measures into one, understandable data point, allowing for an unprecedented understanding of the customer experience.



Revenue lost each year to bad user experience


More friction points detected with Cube


Increase in consumer intent to purchase

See the power of Cube multimodal heatmaps


Make decisions with more data. The effects of combining gaze and emotion allow for an unprecedented ability to create a product that connects to your customer. 

Increase customers emotional connection

Decrease Cognitive Overload

Detect peak points of arousal/attention 

With Cube  , create groundbreaking customer experiences by understanding how your customers truly feel.


Cube   Technology


Pupil Dilation

Pupil dilation is used to ascertain cognitive load levels 


By tracking eye movements, we get valuable data such as engagement and areas of interest

Galvanic Skin Response 

Allows us to understand the intensity of users emotional state. AKA emotional arousal

Facial Coding

Tracks the users emotional state through micro-movements in the users face 


Our Clients Come From Many Sectors

Financial &


Global Consulting



Our Triangulated Insights

Cube   maps these combined measures onto valuable visualization tools


Multimodal Heatmaps

What kinds of stimuli generate reactions on our interface?  Is our user happy when looking at an object? Confused? Stressed? 

A/B Testing

Understand which prototype will have the best impact and most probability of achieving your end goals. 

Journey Maps

Which is the journey truly experienced by my customers?

Competitive Analysis

Your customers have choices. They are one click or download away. Understanding your peers is a competitive advantage. 

Friction Point Realization

Understand what your customer cannot tell you. Cube   algorithms are able to identify 50% more friction points than qualitative exit interviews.  

Physiological Personas

Identify your customers' most efficient path to success. 


A Few of the Benefits of Triangulation

Non-conscious is the cornerstone for understanding purchasing decisions

It is estimated that up to 90% of a consumers' decision to buy a product is based purely on their non-conscious response. Optimizing your customers' non-conscious allows for your products to be optimized for success. 

Knowing rather than guessing

Human beings don't always do what they say they will do. This reality is the core foundation as to why quantitative user experience testing should be at the center of any UX-related tests. Thanks to advances in science, we now know that non-conscious response is truly what drives the consumer decision-making process. By measuring physiological and biometric consumer responses, we can ensure that your products will be designed based on scientific data, rather than on speculative insights.

Frictionless experiences

Fixing pain points by detecting moments of frustration, confusion or stress leads to more conversions.

Brand loyalty

Creating a positive emotional connection strengthens long-term memory and brand building. 


Combining neuroscience tools is the best way to predict in-market behaviour.


Cube's granular diagnostics provide a second-by-second analysis of a user's journey.

Purchasing behaviour

High arousal and positive emotional reactions predict high purchasing behaviour.

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